Some Real Struggles Of Being A Plus Size Woman

If you are a plus size woman, you may know some struggles that skinny women do not have. you've probably heard a lot of people say bad things in your life. Even plus size woman if  they don't say that, you're dealing with plenty of other stuff inflicted by our current society anyway!

In fact, most people don't know what it's like to be fat. But why should they? We don't know the struggles of many BBW people in this world. Here are some real struggles that fat women have.

1. Being called "pretty for a fat girl."

People will say stuff like "you're pretty for a fat girl" or "You're fat but you're pretty" as if pretty and fat don't go together. How does that make sense? Related struggle: "But you have such a pretty face."fat women

2. Being denied a ride. 

Ever stood in line for an hour only to find out many fat women don't fit in the roller-coaster seat. Frustrating. Embarrassing. Some times, fat women are denied to come in a elevator, especially in the morning.

3. Being relegated to accessories when shopping with friends

It is not easy for fat girls find a suitable dress or jeans. Most stores do not have XXXL clothes. Even they have that size clothes, it looks not a beautiful. But, you can buy online, that’s why many fat women just want to stay at home, rather go out.

4. Worrying about seating 

Will I fit on the airplane seat, and if I do, can I survive with armrests digging into my sides for hours. And the squeakiness of any chair makes us really hope we're not about to play the game of “trust fall.”

5. Calculating elevator capacity

You become a human calculator whenever you have to share the elevator with a bunch of people and take the weight capacity into account.

plus size women

6. Feeling like all eyes are on you at the gym

Seems like people look at you with an expression that says “Oh, how pitiful. She won’t last a week.”  

7. Having your groceries eyeballed as the move down the belt

You go to the gym, and you’re judged. You go grocery shopping, you’re judged some more. 

8. Being compared to "plus-sized" models

Models like Ashley Graham are definitely beautiful, and yeah, she’s "plus-sized" at a size 16. But 200 pounds at 5'9" looks way different than 200 pounds at 5'3". Not to mention, all her pounds fall in the right places. 

9. Being considered a “fetish”

Rather than just accepting that your partner is simply attracted to you, you’re simply written off as his “fetish.” To an entire group of men, you're a BWW.

All in all, BBW will face many struggles that normal people do not know. If you are a BBW, just face and handle it. Do not escape them. After all, you are BBW. If you are not a BBW but a BBW admirer, you may pay attention to these tips. When you are dating a BBW, you can avoid some mistakes to make your date successful.

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