Why Do Some Men Get Attracted to Curvy Women?

 Most of the normal people especially some women think that it is usually the thin, slim and slender figures of women can attract the most attention from men. However, there are still some men who admire curvy women. Some of them may not admit to it or are in the denial stage but some are openly dating these BBW (Big Beautiful Women). 

What do we mean by BBW? BBW is synonymous to fat, overweight, heavy, curvy plump women. It can also best be illustrated by the size of clothes a woman wears. Basically, a woman who wears a size 20 and up is already considered obese. Why do these men love these curvy women? Here are detailed reasons of it.  

Curvy Women Are Huggable. 

Some men say that they would rather go for the huggable and rotund figures of obese women than the lanky and gangly body of thin women.  Precisely, the reason the men gave was that they can hug an obese woman tighter and would not be afraid of breaking any bone, unlike thin women who are regarded as very fragile that they might break a bone when hugged tightly. 

BBW are Optimistic

Most curvy women are quite optimistic and happy people because they can laugh at or make fun of themselves. Thin women tend to be more serious and it is so hard to make them laugh. Compare with these happy BBW, men are happy too. Another reason men gave was that obese women are easier to approach while thinner women are almost always distrustful when approached by men. 

Chubby Girls are Confident by themselves

Chubby girls are seen to have full of confidence because they carry themselves well and can even flaunt their voluptuous figures. Curvy women are proud of themselves and they enjoy life irrespective of what other people think of and look at them. 

Curvy Girls are Very Hot. 

Men find them hot because of their positive attitude. Curvy women admire their looks and exude a lot of self-esteem such that some men just find them alluring. Isn't it that one of the rules of attraction is that of having the right attitude? This is why chubby women tend to attract some men is because they show pride in themselves, project the right attitude and are honest about their appearance. 

Some men may be turned off by fat women but some men do get attracted to curvy women and do not care what other people may say. It has been proven time and again that 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'! 

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